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Happy New Year!

This year has been so many things for so many people! In just a few hours we will be walking into the year 2021. Some of us, without our loved ones. All, with a whole new way of life. Through it all, we fight to find the positive. Leave the year 2020 with a positive thought. There is ALWAYS something good, even when everything around us makes it dark to see. I am thankful for the extra time with my son and husband. For the priceless memories the three of us have shared and for the countless number of “firsts” that we have together. I am happy we have our family to enter into the new year. Our two dogs. Friends. I am happy that my daughter has survived another year and continues to fight the battle of addiction. I am thankful that god has given me the strength to endure this emotional roller coaster. (That’s another blog at another time for those that feel my pain!) My wish for all of you is that you too can find something positive that 2020 has brought into your life. Look forward to 2021 with open arms and a positive mindset. Let’s ALL enter with love in our heart. Let’s dispose of hatred for one another! Be kind, spread joy and let’s all have a HAPPY HEALTHY SAFE NEW YEAR! Love you all and a huge THANK YOU for all of your love and support❤️

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