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Hello again

Well hello again! I know it’s been awhile, but it seems these days that one day rolls into another way too quick! Like most other families, mine is no different adjusting to the “new norm.” Tax season is upon us, with my husband being an accountant and running a large accounting business as a husband wife duo, this time of the year is a blur to begin with. How about throwing in homeschooling my 4 year old son. 😳 I will tell you what, I wouldn’t trade any of it. I am cherishing every day with my little guy. I know someday I am going to wake up and he will be in kindergarten. We will spend most days apart and THOSE days will fly by. When I stop to think about it, I miss him already. As HARD as some days are, as stressful as they feel for most of us, fight to stop and look around. There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. ❤️ Let me tell you, I have tons of respect for at home

Moms/Dads/Grandparent/caregivers and for teachers. Keep on shining. You are not alone!

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