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Keep the spirit alive

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

My favorite part of Christmas is not the actual day itself, as much as is it the month leading up to it. The morning is so exciting as Neil and I are both waiting to see the excitement in Zaden’s face as he looks out of his bedroom door, only to see a candy trail leading to the Christmas tree! His arms flew up in the air and he let out the cutest little scream. He knew at that moment that Santa had come for him. The day was beautiful watching Zaden play all day with his Daddy, ripping into another toy to set up or take apart to put batteries in! haha Watching my mom smile and laugh as she watched how exited her Grandson was. I was feeling so blessed. So happy I was able to have another holiday with my Mom. Such a different holiday as we didn’t have the big family get together, but instead had to resort to connecting Via phone and reaching out virtually. That night we had a beautiful front step visit from my sweet kind son Jey and his beautiful girlfriend Jenna. I couldn’t help but to think, how although I havent spent any quality time with my son since March, he has never missed a beat. He continues to reach out every single day to make sure we are all good. keeps close to Zaden and makes sure his step dad knows that he loves him. I am so incredibly proud of the man he has become. As amazing as all of this is, it led to a conversation the next day with my husband. It’s almost a depressing feeling the day after Christmas. Why do you think that is? I don’t think it’s the fact that all of the hard work that led to that day is over in a blink of an eye. That all of the decorations have to come down in the coming weeks. Diets are upcoming or that vacation time is over. For me, it’s the FEELING OF CHRISTMAS IS OVER! You know, that feeling of love and giving. That feeling deep in the pit of your stomach that pushes you to help a neighbor, a family in need, reach out to friends and family that perhaps you lost touch with. That month leading up to Christmas is just “different.” Here‘s a thought, why can’t we fight to KEEP THAT spirit alive? Continue to spread love and hope in a world that continues to spiral out of control. It certainly is a choice that each and every one of us control the outcome. The ONLY way to change this ugly world is to ALL put our heads together and CHOOSE love and kindness. CHOOSE TO KEEP THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT ALIVE ALL YEAR LONG!

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