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What Holiday do you celebrate and what are some traditions in your home?

For me, it’s Christmas and my family and I have a few different traditions leading up to it! The twinkling lights, Christmas music and movies, the way your heart just changes. People lift each other up and have an urge to just reach out and help one another. Christmas takes me back in time to a place when life felt so “easy!” Christmas for me is when I feel the closest to my dad. I can close my eyes and just feel him hold me tight - like he never left! I always try so hard to make each Christmas more special than the next. That’s what my Dad always did. Christmas was his favorite holiday! This year will look quite different for my family, as it will for most families. That however, will not stop me from making it as special as I can. My hubby hung Christmas lights and we decorated the inside of our home. We are baking cookies, watching daily Christmas movies. We have an elf that hides in different spots each morning that Zaden can NOT WAIT to find! We find ourselves spending extra time together this holiday season. What will our Christmas Eve look like? We are combining both mine and Neils traditions. In my family, growing up we would make homemade Pizza. We weren’t the traditional 7 fishes like my husbands family. So we will be making homemade pizza as well a couple of traditional fish dishes, watching Christmas movies and baking cookies. Compromise is key! We have started a new tradition called Operation Christmas Child, thanks to Christina DeMaio! It is a tradition I am honored to be a part of. We are teaching Zaden about helping others in need. Lifting one another up when others need it the most. Giving and being kind. Celebrating Jesus and his birthday. Following his lead as best as we can each day! I absolutely love to hear about all different traditions. What they represent to you. I am curious as to what holiday you celebrate and how. Please feel free to comment below and share-no judgement here, open arms and heart to ALL beliefs and traditions!

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