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What is a blog anyway?

As I was preparing to announce my website for my online store, I was going through each tab making sure I had at least brushed on how to navigate through it. There it was - BLOG! It left with me a big unanswered question, “what is a blog anyway?” So the research began! One thing is for sure, there are A LOT of different ways to blog! After a week of wondering which style to pick, here is the outcome. I am going with MY style. It took me some time in life to figure that one out. Not worrying about what other people think and being true to me! So here it is. My daily blogs will be a personal “diary” about different things I feel passionate about that day! Let me start by saying hello, welcome and thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time out of your day to join me here. My name is Tina Fino and I am the wife of a wonderful man named Neil. We run a very successful accounting firm as well as trucking business in Milton, NY. I am a mother to six amazing children, ranging from 26 years old all the way down to 4 years old! All of them have very different personalities and come with different challenges! I am a fur baby mom of two adorable lil doggies; Toby ( almost 13 years old) and Tory (11 years old.) I am the daughter of an incredible mom who struggles with Scleroderma, but yet continues to set an example of love and strength along the way! A daughter in law to two very loving and supporting parents. A sister, Aunt and friend just to name a few roles I play in life. Leaving me at this stage in my life, where I assume most woman find themselves at some point along the way, when you take all of that away "who am I?" For those of you faced with this very question, well, let's take this journey together.

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